Now Available for both girls & boys!


We are Charlotte,NC Premier Sleepover Party Rental Experience !


Nobody does Themed Teepee, Tent Parties & Glamping Parties like Funday Party Rentals LLC. We take the hassle and stress out of planning your child’s celebration.

We Deliver to your home, Set up & Style, and then Collect the next day!


We set up only indoors

Every guest needs to bring their own personal pillow for hygiene purposes 

Set up for your teepee party can take 60-90 minutes for 4-6 tents. Children and pets are not permitted in the set up space. All furniture must be cleared prior to our arrival if not there will be an additional $35 waiting fee. flight a stairs 2nd or three floor apartments will be an additional fee of $35. All bedding is professionally laundered after each event. All other equipment is sterilized using a professional grade disinfectant. Any damages or stains made to any accessories, bedding, decorative pillows & side tables etc will be a additional fee starting at $50.

All Deposits for slumber party rentals $100



If you are only interested in getting 3 tents. You will be charged for 4 tents. Vice versa for the tents of 6. If you’re wanting 5 tents. You will be charge for 6 tents plus taxes and  delivery!

please call (704-582-2422)

Available tents!!

Mermaid & Minecraft  (themed tents)


  • framed themed tent
  • mattress
  • bedding
  • blanket with ribbon
  • decorative pillows
  • garland
  • lantern
  • eye masks
  • personalized hanging chalk boards- with each name
  • light up board-with greeting
  • small lap table
  • postcard
  • gift bag for birthday boy or girl